Warranty Conditions


1. P.W. TECHSAM Woch Sp. J. with its registered office in Poland at Lublin, 75 Nałęczowska st. guarantees the highest quality of Quatros tools and workshop equipment.Warranty period for products is 12 months from purchase date excluding batteries being part of tools for which warranty period is 6 months from purchase date.

2. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of spare parts or any damage caused by improper maintenance (including overloading of tool, using power tools with hand-operated tools, inefficient thread greasing etc.).

3. Complaint shall be filed at place where the tool was bought.

4. Faulty tool or equipment is repaired or replaced in 14 days from date of its receive unless additional expertise written by manufacturer or expert is needed or replaced tool/part has to be delivered from manufacturer or unexpected occurrence like flood, conflagration, strike, natural disease, embargo, break in production etc. takes place.

5. In case of sets warranty is limited to repair or replacement only complained part of the set, not whole set.

6. Due to specific working conditions this warranty does not apply to:

- hand-operated bits and socket bits, power bits and power socket bits,

- screwdrivers if type of damage is caused by using with inappropriate screw size or overloading.

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